Why you MUST vote

During 2015 elections, I went to vote. I was seriously warned against doing that by many who said it wasn’t safe to go out there and vote.

I can still remember very well, my sister didn’t go to vote but kept praying vehemently for her choice candidate to win.

That year, I could count up to 15 Jonathan supporters who didn’t move an inch to try and vote. They kept shouting “he will win”.

Out of that number, only about 6 had voters card. The rest had nothing and they were not even interested in the whole election exercise. But every morning, during morning devotions, praying for the best candidate to win took a larger chunk of the prayer time.

When Jonathan lost they were pained. And so will you be pained in few days time if you’re like them.

I’m only trying to tell you that your vote counts. How will you know it doesn’t count when you have not gone out to vote?

It’s your right to vote. Nobody is going to chop off your head. Go and vote. Exercise that right and clear your conscience.

A whole lot you that are social media warriors won’t even stand up from the bed on Saturday till around 12noon.

Remember, if you are not at your polling unit and on the queue by 2pm on the dot, then forget about voting.

Stop praying. Even the good book said that “faith without work is dead in itself”

You’re not more sensible than God. Go and do the needful. It will be a shame that the reason why you can’t vote is that you don’t have a PVC. You had all the time to get one.

If at the end of the day and you didn’t vote, please know that you have no right to complain about the government. You had your chance to chose but you messed it up.

Fellow Nigerians;

Let’s go chose our leaders on Saturday. Our vote is our voice.

Your vote counts

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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