When she says “Nothing”, she wants you to ask More

Ask more.

Whenever you ask her “what’s wrong” and she says “nothing”, it means she wants you to keep asking, it means she wants you to press a little more.

NOT pressing on by asking her questions upon questions and breathing down her neck trying to persuade her to open up and tell you what is wrong, na.

She wants you to shake her container a little, because that’s the only way you can get a woman to pour out the juice.

You see, women know that men are problem solving minded.

She knows by the time she opens up and tells you straight away what the problem is, you will be more focused on solving the problem than tending to how she feels about that particular problem and many other NEEDS.

You would be like; “babe Is that it? Okay do this, do that, try this, try that….. smile, you’ll be alright.”

End of discussion.

Some of you men don’t have that much time and patience to pamper a woman.

You just want to fix the problem, smile, and move on.

This’s what you don’t understand about women.

She doesn’t want you to fix the problem straight away.

As a matter of fact, most times when we’re making you work hard to know what’s the problem, we might not have a problem. We might just want you to pamper us, that’s all.

She wants some attention, but because you are more focused on finding what the problem is and solving it. This’s why it takes you time to see that the problem is just attention.

Most times, she wants your attention more than she wants your solution.

It can get frustrating when you are asking and she’s making it hard for you, that’s because you are shaking her with both hands.

Quickly it gets to that point where you are like, “Okay, if you don’t want to tell me leave it.”

Na, never say that to a woman… She honestly wants to tell you what the probelm is. But she wants to tell you about other little problems first before letting the main one out.

When she’s playing hard, talk about the nice things.

Don’t pressure her to tell. Tease her about her hair, about the last dress she wore, about the last photo she sent. Give her the opportunity to say “leave me”.

The beginning of “leave me” is the beginning of opening up” on the main problem.

Be romantic.

By Favour Nwabueze 

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