When Mama is Gone

When Mama is Gone

When mama is gone

“You people always fail to realize how different we all are. Some of us are nearly similar but subtly different. Many of us are brazenly different. I don’t have to explain myself. I owe no one no explanation.” She yelled as tears rolled down her cheeks.

We have different fingerprints, is that not enough for you to get it into your heads that humans are very different and should act differently?

I appreciate that there will always be people better than me at certain things. But I also know I’ll always be better than others at certain things. I know my place.

“I have given my all to this family. I don’t deserve this…”

“Nobody deserves anything life throws at them… nobody deserves to lose a mother.” Her stepsister yelled back.


“You this child, I have done everything I’m supposed to. Your siblings walked at seven months or ten months. But you, one year and ten months, yet, you won’t lift a limb”.

But I won’t give up on you. You’ll walk.” She said digging a pit.


Bamy, as she’s fondly called is the last child of her parents. Very active and playful kid. She was loved by all, and everyone wanted to touch her.

But Bamy never attempted to walk. And all her mates were already running to school. But she could crawl and cover distances in seconds.

Frustrated, her mother dug a hole in the middle of the compound and put her in it daily. It’s meant to strengthen her legs and make her walk. She heard. Bamy would cry before she brings her out. It worked. Bamy walked a week later.


As Bamy sat in the family meeting and had an intense fight with her half-siblings, she couldn’t control her tears. She remembered her mom. Her mom loved her to a fault, but death wouldn’t let her live to see her reciprocate the love. Her mother was her pillar.

Her older siblings had gone abroad a long time ago, but she insisted on staying back. She said it made her feel a connection with her late mother. She paid courtesy to her grave anytime she visited home.

After the demise of her mother, her father took another wife who gave birth to two girls. The second wife also died few years back. Her father had not failed in showing her how much he cares for her. But, there’s this vacuum she had developed over the years even after sixteen years her mother passed.

We need to stop making each other second-guess our successes or achievements. You guys are amazing, and I love you all. Let’s be the mothers we all yearn for to each other, please.

As they held tightly to each other in tears, light went off, and the only thing that indicated the presence of humans in the room was the teeth of their father as he shined them in a wide smile.

By Favour Nwabueze

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