Relationship Stories

Two little Adults

You met this charming, tall, dark and handsome gentleman. Very romantic. Ebbs and packs everywhere. Alpha male.

Few days later, he’s calling you every hour, sending you love messages and delivering gift packages to you. YOU SAID NOTHING!

He’s taking you out and spending big on expensive dates.

He invited you over to his place, you accepted, dressed to kill, visited and SAID NOTHING!

After a few bottle of drinks and it’s just the two of you, temptation and erection started blowing everywhere in the air. YOU BECAME DUMB

He came closer, grabbed your butts and unbuttoned your jean. YOU SAID NOTHING!

He was warmly running his hands all over you and you still laid calmly on the bed and SAYING  NOTHING!

He got your whole body vibrating, you were high on emotions, pants down, he fucked your brains out, and slept off immediately without even saying “thank you”.

You sat still trying so hard to catch your breath.

Few minutes after the excitement, you wake the tired fine guy up, looked him in the face and said;

“Ehe, Joe, WHAT ARE WE NOW?”

If I’m close I’ll knock you. Imagine the nonsense. What are we now?

“We are two little black birds sitting on the wall, one named Joe, another named Ekaette”.

What exactly do you expect the fine guy to say just after clearing off his system?

He just finished having sex with you aunty so please let him rest.

When the calls and messages were getting interesting, and he was buying you gifts and taking you out on expensive dates you said nothing.

When you guys were struggling over the ownership of your pant you kept quiet.


It’s pathetic trying to define “what we are” at this point. What if he just wanted sex?

The reason why some people are miserable in this life is because they assume everything. You keep living your life in assumptions.

When you start noticing that someone has interest in you or is trying to get serious with you, you ask questions.

Don’t assume he loves you. Don’t assume you guys are in love. Open your mouth, say what you want. Talk.

If you ask him after sex, he might mumble some sweet words out of the intention not to hurt your feelings.

Relationships are meant to be defined at the earliest possible stage. Limits are set, boundaries marked, missions are clearly stated, and intentions are revealed. It doesn’t mean they can’t deviate from the plans but it makes you in charge of your life and feelings. You will even know when to back down.

If you’re going to be friends with benefits, it doesn’t concern anyone but make sure you define what you want and how you want it.

So, pick yourself up. In your next love encounter, set things right. You can still define your current relationship.


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