Two Evil Kids

Some people were born evil.

Two girls almost killed me in primary school. I thought they were my friends.

I had two girls I was very close to in primary school. We were also from the same neighbourhood.

One day, after school, they came to my house and called me out for a play.

I innocently followed them. We didn’t fight neither did we have any issues. I didn’t suspect anything.

I followed these girls.

They said the game was; two people will have to fix their two hands together, you have to make it very tight because someone will climb the hands and you will carry the persons legs. The person will stand on your hands and you will walk carrying the person.

It was a very dangerous game but we did it. My mom had warned me severally about the game.

I had already promised not to play that game again until those girls came that fateful day.

They both did before me. I carried each of them very carefully and they enjoyed it.

I was the last person.

It’s got to my turn. They asked me to climb. I did.

They carried me. It was fun. Just when I was enjoying this game, these girls released their hands. I was in the air.

Father in heaven!!!

I have not known any pain worse than that.

I thought it was a dream.

I fell so heavy with my whole weight. I hit my forehead on the strong floor. It was in dry season and the floor was like concrete.

I didn’t move for seconds.

My whole body was paralysed. I felt a crack on my forehead.

They stood looking at me and laughing. I tried to get up but couldn’t.

I was seeing stars all over. This sudden cold and headache took over me. A mighty bump appeared on my forehead. It was as hot as cooked food.

The girls left me.

I managed to stand. My whole body was on fire. My head was on fire. It was as if people were pounding something on my face. I wasn’t seeing clearly.

My mom cried that day. I was rushed to the hospital. It took me days to recuperate.

I just remembered this and I have been wondering what I ever did to those girls.

I just said I should tell you people that some kids are evil.

But I survived.


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