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Touch your spouse

The problem with most relationships is that some of you are more holy than the Holy Spirit.

You are too holy to hold hands in public, you are too holy to kiss, you’re too holy to hold hands in church. God forbid the day you hug in public.

You’re too shy and will never have a discussion on sex or what you want during sex but you are not shy of having sex five times everyday once the doors are shut.

Any small thing you will be dragging someone’s pant but outside, you’re an angel that is allergic to touches.

Why this is a problem is that some of you are married to/in relationships with people whose primary love language is physical touch. And once they ain’t getting enough touch from you, it becomes a threat on the relationship.

It beats me how you end up marrying someone you can’t talk to. Someone you are shy of. Your spouse should be your best friend please. A best friend hears and knows everything about you.

You should hold hands at the mall, while crossing the street, kiss for no reason, please hug.

Stare at each other even when the pastor is preaching.

Allow her fall asleep in your arms in public. Carefully guide her head to rest on your chest when she’s feeling tired.

Share tight hugs.

You won’t collapse if you open the door or pull a chair for your spouse in public.

It’s very okay to spoon feed each other in public.

And NO, you won’t go to hell or die for expressing love to your spouse.

God does not take pleasure in going around looking for things to judge, what will be His gain?

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