This Funny Impressions of some people will blow your mind

Many times, first impression and second impression are always opposite. So let’s go on a journey of imagination as to how people perceive others on first meetings.

You are seeing someone on tv for the first time and you get the impression of a snobbish somebody whereas the case is opposite. “”The guy just dey look as normal as his face can be””

You watch a vlogger and you start with one crazy thought like

“She is too clean to not to have any flaws, she will either have body odour or mouth odour, one of the two!!”

They you will continue

Well if she doesn’t have that, then she is either not yet in school with the way she has plenty time to vlog anyhow, when she enter school, she will sit up”

Wait, why not think of her as a awesome vlogger instead??Abi is it your “no pimple” she doesn’t have, leave the fine girl alone.

Impression when you see a good looking guy or lady afar off

” Chai, this guy / girl is fine, but unfortunately, the character might spoil everything, hmmm this life sha” 

Did the bae ask for your opinion??

A friend introduces you to another friend and your thoughts  goes like this

She is not bad, and she doesn’t have any odour but the way she is talking is too slow for a lady abeg”

Haba, she might be going through difficult times

You are meeting a long time friend and the person don hammer and your thoughts skyrocket to think

OMG, this guy has finally made it, even if he used underwear to make it, it is a good move. Will I not ask him to show me the way?”

After thinking so much, your friend will bring you from the  thought world with his business card, na business the guy do no be benz logo money.

By Sandra Adodo

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