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The Womb watcher

Dear Womb watcher,

There’s something I need you to understand.

People get married for so many reasons.

Some do to just for the sole sake of procreations.

Others do just to have sex whenever they wanted without having any feelings of guilt.

Some do because their mates are doing so.

Some others do because family and friends are on their neck to do so. So they do.

Others do because they just want to experience what it feels like being married.

Some do because they’re in love.

Some do because they’ve found someone rich and they need money.

Some do because they’re of age.

People get married for these reasons and many more.

What I don’t really understand is why you think that whenever people get married, the next thing they should do is get pregnant and start having babies.

Some have carriers they want to build before having babies.

Others just want to feel being married before having babies.

Some decide not to for no reasons.

Some might have been trying so hard to get pregnant but they can’t.

But my question is, what’s your business with someone being pregnant or not?

Will you give the babies scholarship or contribute a dime to their upkeep?

Why do you concern yourself so much with someone’s tummy that whenever you see their pictures you zoom till you start seeing your own face just to see if they’re pregnant?

Some of you even have the guts to to ask someone why she ain’t pregnant yet. Like WTF? Are you okay?

Imagine asking this question to someone who has been trying so hard to get pregnant. Imagine the pain you would put them through because of your silliness.

So, with all due respect, next time before you decide to be a womb watcher and ask someone why she ain’t pregnant yet, ask yourself this question “what’s my business?” and when you answer it, drink water and move on.

It’s actually not your business.

If you are so in love with pregnancy, please have sex, get pregnant and let people be.

Feel free to share.

Favour Nwabueze


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