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The other one

“Yey! Yeey!! Yeeeeeeeeyyyyy!!!”

A cry filled the whole compound as Ben ran out of the house.

The landlord rushed to the apartment.

“Ben? what’s going on in my compound and why are you standing here when it seems like a war is going on in your house?”

“Oga landlord I’m messed up. My living room and kitchen are upside down. I don’t know what I have gotten myself into”.

Dorcas twerks her butt in several directions as she puts the kettle on fire, and grabs a bow to make eba with.
“Ben baby, food is ready. Come let’s eat”.

“Woooooh this whole house is sparkling and the aroma from the kitchen is a killer. Well done girl”. He said hitting her ass.

“Let me get food” she offered.

No I would rather wait. Eeerm my… my… girlfriend is coming and I would rather wait for her so we could eat together.

She shifted back on the seat legs thrown apart. “Which girlfriend are you talking about again?”

“Noooh noooh. I have a girlfriend and you ain’t her. I told you this from the onset. Don’t give me that look”.

“But after you started straffing me I thought you felt something for me? Why do you think I kept coming back every weekend”?

“See. Don’t try to use me and shine this afternoon. you said you were okay with the whole arrangement as long as you get a share of the “rod” from time to time and, I have been giving you the rod without restrictions but now the original owner is on her way. Please get up and leave and don’t pour sand inside my garri.

Oleeeeeeee. You can’t use and dump me. She said clapping

I’m not dumping you. This girl coming is my bae. If she goes and you still want the rod then come and I’ll smash your brains out…but for now…

…I’m not going anywhere. You are my bae too. She will come and meet us here.

They struggled over the door as Vera knocks. Ben rushed to her with arms thrown apart. “I missed you baby”.

“So na because of this bottomless pit you wan leave me? Not even a single ass. Eeeeww”.

“Dorcas, stop it”. Ben warned.

“Dorcas? Who bears such name”? Vera mocked

…People with bom bom do. Dorcas retorted.

“Now leave this house or I’ll change your face”. Vera threatened

“Iyaaaaaaaa. Push me baby” she said in a musical tone.

Vera pushed her hard and she landed against the wall and then came the scream

Yey! Yeeeey!! Yeeeeeeeeyy!!!

Ben intervene and a stray slap from nowhere which sent him outside landed on him.


No be who first call police dey win case. Vera shouted.

Dorcas rushed out of the house with her pot of soup, and eba in a black waterproof bag. “Come eat and die. Mad fellow”.

Then she faced Ben. “Go and gym. Two minutes man. Big for nothing rod”.

As Vera opened the door, she dashed out.

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  1. Which stupid man strafs a girl that knows he isn’t married and yet invite the main chick when the side chick is around…. Nonsense

  2. Which stupid man strafs a girl that knows he isn’t married and yet invite the main chick when the side chick is around…. Nonsense man. But a girl that was forewarned who accepted with faith then to come and disgrace herself na mad girl…. What’s my own self💁

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