The Open Market

Please, I’m going to beg you people in the name of whatever you believe in.

If you know you can’t manage a business, please go and find cleaning jobs and do.

What’s wrong with people self?

Some shop owners will forever remain poor managing a small kiosk.

The level of arrogance you see some of these business owners display can kill someone financially, physically and emotionally. Tufiakwa.

I carried myself to the market, to get things the other day.

I saw some fine London gowns. Not even in a boutique ooh. Dignified bend down select.

I carried my two left legs and went to the woman’s dignified bend down select and picked three clothes.

I asked the woman for price and she said “4k each, but you fit price small”.

I priced the woman #2500 and she eyed me.

“I’m not selling. Keep it and go. 4k is the last price. She yelled”.

Everyone there turned to look at me like I was wearing the back of my cloth.

Madam why are you shouting? I only priced. Were you expecting me to give you 4k?

“If you don’t have it, vamuz my friend.

Me? vamuz.
Customer vamuz?.

I took the walk of shame and left her jejely. I can’t fight a mad person.

You people don’t know customer relations at all.

The arrogance some of you display is beyond what God can judge. A customer enters your kiosk and you can’t get yourself to attend to them.

You people should better repent. Actual rich people are not this arrogant. They know the value of every customer. Rich people know the value of every #5 that comes from a customer.

But when you see those ones managing shops that can’t comfortably pay house rent at the end of the year, their arrogance level can break hearts.

God punish poverty.

If you have a sales person managing your business, please monitor them. Some of them can ruin your business.

There’s a mall I normally buy things from. There’s a particular lotion I buy #3500.

They got a new sales girl. I went to buy the lotion. The girl scanned the lotion and the price showed #3,500. We both saw it. But she kept telling me my money is #4,500.

I was confused. How are my seeing #3,500 and you’re telling me to pay #4,500.

She told me that’s the price and if I’m not going to pay it, I should just go.

A small rude girl who doesn’t know how to make one naira in a week.

But there she was, ruining a business someone is going through hell to sustain.

Surprise your mangers and shop keepers. You will be amazed at the attitude they give your customers.

You managing 25k shops and is rude as hell praying to grow, you will never grow. Money doesn’t fit you.

Growth kee you dia.

I’ll personally de-market you if I can.

If you have a restaurant, please taste the food your chefs cook before selling it to people. Some of you sell poison as food.


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