The Calculator Thief

My friend stole money from her guardians.

It was in JSS2

She used the money to buy a calculator that looked like a phone. That open and lose rubber calculator. It was sold for #250 then.

She was flexing it all over school.

We all envied her though she allowed me touch the “phone calculator” from time to time.

Her guardian searched her school bag on a very beautiful evening and found the calculator.

She was summoned for questioning by the woman and her husband.

She lied repeatedly but ended up saying I gave her the calculator.

I wasn’t aware she used my name to lie.

The next day, they drove her to school very early.

They had threatened to announce her crime on the assembly ground for everyone to hear.

But her mind was made up. She would rather be embarrassed than let them flog her.

They sent a student to call me. The idea was to restrict every communication that might take place between us.

When I arrived, my friend was cutting eyes for me but I didn’t understand what she was doing.

They asked me if the calculator was mine and my friend nodded. I nodded too.
They asked me again and again and I kept saying yes.

They threatened to report the two of us to the principal and my legs started shaking. They asked us to enter the car, the woman sat in between us lashing out different types of threats while her husband drove to the principals office.

Very close to the principals office I asked them to stop.

They did. I confessed I didn’t know anything about the calculator. And before they could say jack, I ran off. I went and hid in another class so they won’t find me.

The next day my friend didn’t talk to me. I was even more angry with her for trying to put me into a crime I know nothing about.

I can’t die for what I don’t know about please.

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