Marriage Relationship

The Mindset Happy Couples Have In Common

How you think can impact your relationship satisfaction Inan eye-opening study, a trio of family and relationship psychologists investigated 130 couples in their second year of marriage. 18 months later, they collected further data from these couples. The psychologists found that a significant factor in determining the couple’s relationship satisfaction over time was something called an attribution […]


Facebook chase

It was on Facebook they met. He liked the way she expressed her opinions fearlessly. She will make a perfect wife. He had always wanted a daring woman. He moved to her inbox. They connected. She viewed his profile everyday. She was satisfied with what she saw. Handsome, rich man with foreign accent. Her current […]


My wedding story 1

On my wedding day, the officiating pastor kept asking if there was anyone that had reason(s) why this two should not be joined together in holy matrimony or why this marriage must not hold. 🙄🙄Like he kept saying that. This was after he came like two hours late ooh. Maybe he was exhausted and just […]