Sex is VERY important

Preacher: “Look at a man’s purpose and forget about the size of his penis. All you need is a man with vision and purpose not sex. Marry a man with purpose and not big penis”.

Audience: “Ride on…”


Let me tell you what you won’t learn from your church.


Sex is very important in marriages. It doesn’t matter if you are a sex freak, normal sex lover or a Virgin. Sex is extremely very important.

They will tell you to overlook the sex and focus on the dreams, character, aspirations of your partner and their purpose in life. Very important but one doesn’t overrule the other. All are very important.

These things are clearly different. Sex in marriage has nothing to do with purpose. Does erection care about purpose?

Our problem in this country is that we pretend a lot. Everyone is holy yet everyone is having sex.

When we mention penis you hide meanwhile you just finished having sex. Please calm down.

Listen, if you are not sexually attracted to a lady or a guy, don’t marry them. Sex plays an important role. This is to avoid you from going so low as to running to the gate man’s house to sharpen some iron or lying to be at work while you’re straffing a chick in a hotel.

Stay until you find your speck.

Your attraction point to your woman can be her character or the way she talks. Attraction mustn’t be about butts or breasts.

Every individual know what their attraction point is.

The point exactly is to find what attracts you and stick to it.

If your libido is high, please go for someone with such libido. If you are the type that must have sex at least three times a day, then don’t go to someone who manages to have sex once in a week. It will ruin you.

Some people only sex when they want to make babies and it’s working for them, while others are having sex every other day and yet, one person is always not satisfied.

A whole lot of men, Week in, week out, oga is on the run. He perfectly takes care of the family and showers the wife with anything Money can buy but he will rarely touch her. Her body is itching him. He might not be sleeping with another but when he’s with his wife, erection or even the thought of sex is far from him.

Why? He’s not attracted to her sexually. It has nothing to do with having a beautiful face and fresh laps. Attraction goes beyond that.

Listen, good character, fine face, big butt… are golden but these alone doesn’t make a home. If you love his/her character, then make sure that you will love their sex games too.

And yes, penis size matters. If you like pin, go for it. If you like pen, good. If you like rod, perfect, if you like pillar, excellent. The most important thing is that you settle for what will give you joy all the days of your life. Size is important. The size you choose doesn’t make you a whore or a better person.

Men, if you love well rounded butt, please find the most rounded you can lay your hands on and go for it. If it’s breast that trips you, then find a woman with the perfect size of breast for you and marry.

Please note: In finding a partner, every other thing is very important but what I don’t understand is why family, schools and most churches, will teach every other yardstick to look out for in finding a spouse but will disregard or shy away from the place of sex in marriages.

Don’t say you didn’t hear.

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