Olanma (the Jewel of beauty)


The old rickety lantern hung on the cracked mud wall, came crashing as Olanma hit her legs severally against the wall while shouting.

“I can’t do this anymore! God knows I’m tired! I need help! Look what I have become”.

Obinna, in confusion staggered into the room to find out what has happened to his wife.

“Olam (my jewel), are you alright, what’s going on, Why did you scream like that?” He asked, touching every parts of her body with fear written all over him. Talk to me. Are you alright?

I’m not alright Obim (my heart). I’m losing myself. I feel like I’m drowning. I don’t even know my body anymore.

Obinna drew closer to her, kissed her forehead and took the baby away from her. “Talk to me, Olam. I’m here for you”. I’m here now.

My nipples hurt. All I feel every time he suckles is terrible pain. I can’t endure this anymore. He makes me feel terrible like I’m not taking proper care of him. Obim he is always crying. I don’t sleep at night and during the day I can’t sleep too. Is there anything I am not doing right? I am ready to improve but someone has to save me from all these. She shook her head at every word she uttered in a bit to control her tears.

Obinna folded his hands around his wife. “Stop it! You are a perfect mother. You are doing just fine. Just give it time. My mom once told me of the pains that comes with breast feeding especially at the early stage of birth and the pain is always worse with first time moms”.

“My love, ola m? He continued “stop being so hard on yourself. I have told the chemist down the road about the soreness of your nipples and he has promised to bring pain relief medications to the house tomorrow morning. I just need you to calm down. I will go to my sister’s house first thing in the morning to ask her to come spend some time with us. At least her kids are grown and they can take care of themselves”.

“But she does not like me; the last time she was here, she complained of every step I took and every word I said. Obim I don’t want someone to come and add to my pains.

Olam the last time she was here, remember I went to Benue to harvest my plantains but now I am here and I won’t let her talk or treat you anyhow. Meanwhile, your mmiri ji (peppered watery yam with fish prepared for new mothers) is ready and the baby is asleep. I will take you to the bathroom now, give you a cool bath and feed you thereafter. Afterwards you will sleep but that will be after a proper massage.

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I will take care of the baby tonight and will only wake you up if it becomes extremely important.


As they giggled into the bathroom, light falls.

…to be continued


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