My wedding story 1

On my wedding day, the officiating pastor kept asking if there was anyone that had reason(s) why this two should not be joined together in holy matrimony or why this marriage must not hold.

🙄🙄Like he kept saying that. This was after he came like two hours late ooh. Maybe he was exhausted and just wanted the wedding to scatter.

We thought it was a joke till the man said he’s giving anyone that wants to come out five minutes. Na so I stand for high heels. Legs on fire. Pastor kept looking for trouble.

Five minutes passed and nobody came. Then pastor said he’s giving an extra time. Two minutes was given.

He kept shouting “anyone?, who’s coming? This’s your time. Don’t let this moment pass you by. Please come…😄

I was unshaken. I didn’t snatch anybody’s husband. Five years is enough to know that my husband is not married to another.

I looked at my husband. He was calm and obviously angry. Normal him would have walked away but this’s his weeding. He can’t move. On a normal day, he would have asked the pastor to leave or carried him out of the church premises. But he’s handicapped here.

He looked at me, took my hand, held it tight, squeezed it gently, came closer and whispered “I love you and I can’t wait for all these to be over” I smiled. How I love this man… My better half was being stressed. His eyes were red. 🤗🤗

As the pastor continued looking for someone to scatter our wedding, I just concluded he was expecting someone. Maybe the person arrived late or didn’t make it to the wedding.

When the two minutes elapsed, he told the church “ no one is coming? That means I should continue? They chorused “continue”.

He continued.

I swear, if that wedding held at night and light mistakenly went off, I would have pretended to be under anointing and just dash that pastor a resounding slap.

How dare he?😒😒

What if a guy that asked me out and is angry that I turned him down decided to come and let pastor use him that day?🤔🤔
I don’t like that please.

Imagine the kwensikwensis🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Those of you that think I can’t dance, see me in owambe mood. I’m fireeee🔥 if you’ve seen me where I didn’t dance well, na lazy I lazy no be say I no sabi dance.


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