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My Wedding Anniversary: The Marriage Journey So Far

Just like yesterday, we’re already six months.

Let me bring you into what it has been like being married.

I’m pretty much excited about it and I want you to follow me into the journey.

I find marriage very fascinating. I mean, there’s always someone there for you. To have someone I can totally call mine at any time is amazing.

Sometimes, when I wake up, he’s already awake and staring at me. With this lovely burning eyes that says it all. (You’re mine) That’s everything.🥰

It’s fascinating because I live with my dream come through. The first time I dreamt of my husband was so many years back. That was after my JAMB lessons and I didn’t see him again.

I prayed and wished I would meet him again. Anywhere. Anyhow.

And one night I slept and he came to pick me up with his car. In that dream, we were in love. It was so beautiful.

I was in so much pain when I woke up from that sleep. I think it was my mom that woke me up.😂😂

But ever since that day, I knew I had something with him that needed only time to mature. Even though he didn’t know me then. And it did.

I still have the dream so fresh in my memory.(I’ll tell it to my kids).😁

I have also gathered so many beautiful memories in this marriage that I cant exhaust.

Have I told you, my husband cooks better than I do. Well, I’m a wonderful cook too.😏 Ask anyone that knows me! But he cooks better and he cooks mostly Saturdays and Sundays

I have never been second lined in anything about him or about us as a couple. That’s something I really appreciate.😭😭 If I don’t know about it, he wouldn’t do it.

The sacrifices he’s made to get us to where we are today is what I don’t take for granted. God forbid I do.

There’s a place he normally travels to for work and every time he’s coming back, he would always call to ask me if I need tomatoes and pepper because there’s somewhere he can buy them for me and save me the stress of going to the market. 🤭🤭🤭Every time.

I have also learnt that this is a two man journey and if you must succeed, you must carry each other along. In doing this, you’ll need a whole lot of patience, understanding, trust and prayers to succeed. And most importantly a truck load of forgiveness.

There are so many annoying moments. YES!!!

There were days I felt like calling his mother to come and take his son that I’m not doing again. Or to ask her, ‘please ooh did this guy actually grow up in your house?’ 😂😂 But I didn’t.

Marriage is is a totally different thing from relationships. You can’t pack up and go when you’re angry as is the case in relationships and you can’t go telling everyone your issues.

If you’re angry, you find a space and cool off, then you come back and life goes on. Most times, we sleep not talking to each other and wake up in each other’s arm. Case closed.😁😁

Most importantly, I have learnt to speak up. From the beginning of the relationship I had done that and it saves a lot.

I talk when I don’t like something and I talk when I like something. Expression is one of the keys to a lasting relationship.

If you ever wonder again why I always talk about my marriage and the little things that’s happen in it, it’s because I have decided to be unapologetically carefree and happy in this journey.

I have made it a point of duty to celebrate my husband, my marriage and myself every passing day.

Since I have not done this marriage thing before, it’s just perfect that I choose to have fun as I learn; accepting my mistakes and becoming better as the day goes bye.

I want to make marriage very attractive to young people like me who may be scared of what marriage holds for them.

A whole lot of people have decided to stay single because of the bad and unbelievable stories they’ve heard and the things they’ve seen from friends, family and what have you.

So, I have decided to share my journey with you, as much as I can.

I’ll share what I have learnt, my ideas, and life lessons as this journey progresses and I hope it inspires you to know that you can still have a beautiful marriage.

Not all marriages are bad. A whole lot of people are really having a wonderful time being married.

Until you find the right person for you, don’t stop shooting your shots. 🤜🤛

Happy 6 months wedding anniversary to us.

I love you baby!!!
You’re everything and even more of what I ever prayed, wished and dreamt of.


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