My ‘Aku’ Experience

Yesterday night, something happened. 😁😁

There’s this thing that flies around during rainy season. It comes out from time to time and it’s usually attracted by light.

In my place we call it “Aku.” It’s known as Winged termites in English.

Yesterday, my outside light was on. At a point I noticed that aku was everywhere. In large quantity.

This is something we struggle to get in my house (My fathers house). My mom even buys it for us. We always spend hours catching them and we would fry them in the morning. Very nice delicacy.

As I saw them yesterday, I rushed outside.🏃‍♀️ But the township girl in me held me back.😅 “don’t disgrace your husband Favour” she said to me.🙄🙄

The outside lights of my neighbors were on too.

I just think am. What if they see me packing this thing? Omo, na big time fuck up ooh.

I stepped back inside. Village people=0, Favour=100

As I sat inside the house, body no gree me. I was watching them through the window. Manna from heaven is wasting.😂

Just then, sense entered me.🤔 I went to my kitchen and on the light. Locked up the doors, opened the window and the kitchen net.

Come and see chomchin.🤣 If you see the way the were rushing inside my kitchen. Hey Lawd!!

I brought a bowl, put water inside, found a broom and Parker and work started.

That’s how I spent my whole night gathering Aku at the comfort of my kitchen without disgracing my generation. My joy was immeasurable. It filled one bowl.🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️

I’m frying them and eat now. Aku is very nutritious and has a very high levyof protein.

This’s a taste of the manna the Israelites ate in the wilderness but you won’t know because you are a township somebody and you don’t read your bible too.🙃🙃

Ayam coming fes let me clean my frying pan.

I can spare some of you want

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