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Love and Respect

I wanted to walk pass this video but I can’t. Some of you might need to learn a thing or two from it.

You see that woman kneeling down, that’s an evidence of a melted woman.

A woman who has been brought down to her knees by love. Unconditional love. Ridiculous love. Undeserving love. She knows she’s not worth the man’s love but the love kept coming.

As a child, there were times I knew very well that my actions deserved thorough beating but my mom will bring me close, path me on the back and give me an undeserving treatment. I know I have messed up but here’s a woman seeing beyond my mess. Then I’m humbled.

That’s the case of this woman.

A whole lot of men are seeing this video and are aaaawwwwnnning anyhow, meanwhile you’re a beast. You love good things but your heart is evil.
As a man or a husband, the first thing God requires of you is unconditional love for your wife.

You will love her to the extent that you will be ready to lay down your life for her. She will have unconditional access to you, and all that makes you a man. That’s God’s standard for love. “Unconditional”

Now I want you to understand that love breeds respect.

As a man, you don’t have to wake up in the morning, carry mega phone, go to your wife’s bedside to shout “you must respect and submit to me”. No. There’s no need for that. Love does magic.

You see your wife as nothing, you shout on her, you don’t take care of her, you call her names, she’s your punching bag, she’s constantly being humiliated by you and then you turn around to demand for respect. Bros are you okay?

Respect is not meant to be demanded. Act accordingly and you will be looking for someone to dash some respect because your wife will choke you with it.

Some of you even make it obvious to your wife that you are cheating and you still have the guts to shout “respect me”.

If you want to bring out the best in your woman, show her love. She mustn’t be the one to respect you first. This is marriage. What you are doing is to make it work for the both of you.

Stamping your feet’s on the floor that she must respect you before you love her can only do more harm than good.

Women are bent and humbled by love especially when it’s undeserving.

I want you to know that as a woman or a wife, the first thing required of you is total SUBMISSION to the man who is the head over you.

This total submission does not mean to enslave yourself under any man’s authority or autocratic rule because he is your husband. No. That is a totally wrong interpretation of what submissiveness is all about.

This thing we are talking about is unconditional respect.

Nothing moves a man into loving you unconditionally like when he is respected especially when he knows that he doesn’t deserve it.

This is what it really means to submit:
There is a reason why its clearly called “SUB-MISSION”, and those are two words coming together.

“Sub” means “Under”, and ‘Submission’ means to come under his MISSION, not authority, not rulership..

If that be the case, you should ensure that you marry someone whose mission looks like something you will naturally agree to stay under. That’s the first thing you need to look out for before choosing any man as a husband.

A cat can’t submit to a dog or a fish to a bird? This is because their missions differ, and no matter how hard they try ,they both can never “sub”.

Find out his VISIONS first, because a man without a clearly defined vision will embark on senseless missions, and the worst is, he’ll be taking you along with him.

Staying under a man’s mission is a beautiful thing. Knowing that you both share the same goals, dreams and aspirations, makes it even more easier to submit. This is because a decision taken by ONE will always be in the best interest of TWO.

LOVE and RESPECT is a two way thing. It takes two to tango. One person can’t make a marriage work. Love breeds respect and respect breeds love. Do your part irrespective of your spouse behaviour.

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