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I Was My Husband’s Target

There are things I see and I can’t help but tear up.🥺🥺

Love is amazing. It’s all shades of beautiful.

My husband…he’s a goal.

This picture in black and white is a selfie I took with my Nokia phone in 2014.

Because we were in a long distance relationship, we constantly shared pictures.

I took the picture and sent it to him.

Few days ago, I was looking for something and came across my husbands documents.

I saw my picture printed in a black and white A4 paper along with one other picture of a business and it was tagged; “targets”

I showed him the pictures and he said he printed it so it would serve as a constant reminder to him that I’ll be his wife. ‘One day’

Remember when he prepared target scores for me in school? He did same for himself too.

I wanted to cry. I held him so tight.

“I’m your wife now.”

He smiled.

“Target achieved. Let’s print more together.”🤭🤭

Please I need a special recipe for a special meal I can prepare for a special better half on a special day like today.👩‍🍳

What you constantly think and work towards, you get.

You see that your dream, print it and paste it somewhere. Constantly looking at it will spur you to do more towards achieving it.

P.S I was someone’s target for over four great years!!! Cut me some slack please🤜🤛😁😁 ayam not ya mate.

Who is ya zaddy?


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