I want to be a slave to my husband, cook his meals, wash his clothes – Lady says

I want to be a slave to my husband, cook his meals, wash his clothes – Lady says

Not every lady wants equal right with their male counterparts as it is being peddled by modern day feminists.

Against all talks by feminist of having the same rights as men especially when it comes to doing household chores or holding positions in the office, a lady has something contrary.

A Nigerian lady known as Sayyada through her Twitter handle @hayateey tweeted that she wants to be a slave to her husband.

Sayyada claims men are kings and thus should be treated as one and she will not hesitate to treat her husband as a royalty that he is.

She said to just want to cook his meals, wash his clothes and do other things expected of a wife without thinking otherwise.

Her tweet generated a lot of reactions. It has over 1,200 comments, 1,700 retweets and over 7,000 reactions. Some of the reactions are against her reducing herself to be a slave just for her husband.

She also got some supporters too who see things from the same angle as her.

This is not the first time Sayyada will be dropping such controversial statement. reported that she said that by the special grace of God and the consent of her husband, if she notices that her daughter is getting too familiar with boys at the age of 16, she will marry her off. She continued that such child should go ahead to continue with university education in her matrimonial home.

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