How I stole the heels


As a kid, I loved high heels. Not the normal children heels but adult heels.Theres this feeling I get anytime I see my sisters on it. I wanted to wear them by all means. But I didn’t have any.

One Sunday morning, I stole my sisters heels. I was in JSS1. I knew she wasn’t going to wear the one I stole. I packed it inside my bag and waited for her to leave.

I made sure we didn’t go to church together.

I wanted to wear that shoe, slay for my whole street and end up slaying in the children’s department.

The shoe was a little bit bigger than my legs. But it wasn’t so obvious. Instead of putting my flat shoe inside my bag as well, I put bathroom slippers.

I wore the shoe and left the house. You needed to see me that day. Finally!!! God who I be!!! All eyes were on me. (Or so I thought)

At a point it became painful on the leg. I pulled it and wore my slippers.

When I got close to the door of the children’s department, I wore the shoe again. Just then I sighted my sister coming towards the children’s department.

I ran to the back of the church. I was panting like a wounded cow. She checked for me and left. Then I popped out and went inside.

My friends in church were all over me. The shoe was damn fine. I told them my mom bought it for me. Some asked me to let them try it on after service and I agreed.

Time for offering. As we were dancing on the queue, I discovered I couldn’t stand straight again. I looked down.

Yeeeeeh!!! Yeeeeeeeyy!! Yeeeeeeeee!!!

The heel of one of the shoes is off. It broke. What a shame. I didn’t give the offering again. I went back to my seat. I was so restless. How do I return these shoes now?

I had to remove the shoes and wear my bathroom slippers. I was looking like I missed road. How do you wear bathroom slippers inside the church? But that was the least of my problems. My sister must not find out I spoilt her shoe.

I left the church immediately. But I must pass the main church before going home. I didn’t know my sister was close to the door. She saw me running out of the church and came out. She asked me what the problem was and I told her I had running stomach so I was going home to ease myself. I gave numerous reasons on why I must use the toilet at home.

She asked me why I’ll be wearing slippers inside the church. “Must you embarrass yourself…? Wear your shoes my friend” I told her I needed to run fast that’s why I removed them.

She grabbed my bag. I felt like vomiting. She opened it and saw her shoes, spoilt.

She gave me my bag back, with the shoes. Held my hand without a word and led me to a corner. Away from the church building, she landed me a hot slap. And another one and yet another one.

I ran. I saw myself in front of of our house still pleading with her to forgive me even though she was still in church. How I got to the house is still a mystery to me.

Cleaning my shoes today, the memories came back. I laughed uncontrollably. How silly.

The heels I couldn’t wait to wear are here in their numbers asking me to wear them.

This made me realise that there’s a time for everything. My sister that slapped me for wearing her shoes was later buying heels for me.

…That you don’t have something now doesn’t mean you can’t have it tomorrow. At the appropriate time, things will come to be. Be calm and do your best.

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