Growing up in an African home

Growing up in an African home

African homes can be one stressful place to grow up in but with the right moves, you will scale through. If you haven’t done any of these, then your home was partially foreign.

Respecting everyone

Even if you don’t know the people in your area, you will still have to greet everyone. The elders will be specially greeted in a yoruba home with your kneels on the ground. And for the people around the areas, a resounding greeting must follow you everywhere. You don’t want to fall on anyone bad side!!!

On your lane

Because monitoring eyes will notice you, in an African home, you should stay on your lane. Minding your business is your best bet to remain yourself.

Talk less

The way things are run in an African home, you shouldn’t forget to talk only when asked, especially when you are around elders. It is a sign of respect.

Train only when told

Some will appreciate you displining their children but the ones that don’t like it, don’t like it at all. If you want to stay and keep staying around any Nigerian home, be sure to render help of training their child only when they ask you to.

Sign language

Every child knows the language of their home. Not all Nigerian homes have the same language so you cant learn it all. Just know the one for your home and you will be fine. Cool right?

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