Facebook lover.

They met on Facebook.

He was 34, well built and handsome.

She was 25, beautiful and elegant.

They got talking.

Very nice guy. She was everything she ever wanted.

He sent her money whenever she needed even when she didn’t ask.

She was a student in Nigeria.

He was a business man in Ghana.

They agreed to meet. He decided to come see her. During the holiday, she would come over.

They were to met in a restaurant. A magnificent one, close to her school.

He came with his younger brother.

She went with two of her friends. She was a bit scared. Remember; they never met.

She didn’t tell him she was coming with friends.

He got there before her and waited patiently while imagining what she would look like physically.

She announced her presence by 2pm and she rushed outside to welcome her.

He was shocked to find her int the company of people.

She greeted them, took them to a table, asked them to order whatever they wanted, but he left them and went to the table his younger brother was sitting. Far away from them.

They thought he was coming back. So they waited.

He didn’t come back.

He sent her a message “I will settle your table bills, so eat whatever you want”.

She relaxed with her friends and ordered for wine, pizzas, food and assorted meat.

He sent her a second message, “I’ll be right back. I want to go drop off my brother at the junction.

They sat till 6pm.

His phones were switched off.

They decided to leave, hoping he had settled the bills.

The waiter rushed to them.

“Excuse me ma’am. This is your bill”.
It was #17,600.

Her boyfriend had paid #2000 and assured the waiter that the girl would take care of the remaining bills.

She gazed in disbelief. She accused the waiter of wanting to cheat her.

The manager intervened with proofs of payment. It was just #2000

She stared in disbelief.

She felt humiliated. Her friends consoled her. They all contributed and paid the bill.

She called him for the rest of the evening, but he didn’t answer.

She went back to Facebook. She was furious and sorry.

He had blocked her even on WhatsApp.

She wailed. She regretted going with friends.

She called severally and sent uncountable messages.

She kept asking him for forgiveness but he never responded.

He travelled back to Ghana.

Vouching never to talk to her again.


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