Facebook chase

It was on Facebook they met.

He liked the way she expressed her opinions fearlessly. She will make a perfect wife. He had always wanted a daring woman.

He moved to her inbox.

They connected.

She viewed his profile everyday. She was satisfied with what she saw. Handsome, rich man with foreign accent.

Her current relationship was shaky. Perfect way to get over the boyfriend. This new man is coming with a better package. Marriage.

They started planning their future and fixed a date to meet.

Man was supposed to fly down.

He promised to come down with many things to make their first meeting memorable. Champagne, gold ring and other gifts.

He wanted to impress her.

They will go straight and have dinner in a five star restaurant. After which they will go to consummate their engagement.

In his hotel room.

He confirmed he had made an online booking in a four star hotel.

She was happy. At last. Beautiful love at last.

She prepared herself. Started giving her boyfriend attitude. The boyfriend didn’t suspect a thing anyway.

He announced his arrival on the D-day. She couldn’t wait to see him.

He announced to her that he was coming down with a cab to pick her. She waited at a specific location.

He asked her to come downstairs. She did.

Expectations high.

His arms were thrown apart. With foil takeaway plates in each hand.

She moved back and looked again. “What’s he doing with that”? They are supposed to be going for a dinner.

His mouth was wide open with smiles.

She was disappointed. He’s ugly and short. Ankara top and jean trouser. What’s that?

She hugged him from the side. There was an oozing smell.

There was no standby cab. He kept smiling. She was angry but didn’t show it.

“Don’t mind what’s on my hands ooh. We will eat them and proceed for dinner. I guessed you might want to keep your bag at the hotel so I got us something to chew with the champagne. Your gifts are at the hotel”.

She mellowed down.

“You’re more beautiful in real life”. He said.

They got to the hotel. It was less the expectation. Yet another lie.

She looked around the room. Table was dusty with few ants on the floor.

She was irritated.

He came closer. “I forgot the wine and gifts but I didn’t want to tell you so you won’t be disappointed. But I’ll make it to you. I’ll bank in money into your account to buy all you need. Give me your account details”.

She did.

“What about the dinner”?

“I’ll bank in money for you now”. He repeated.

“We will go. Let’s finish with this food first”.

It was a locally prepared fried rice, wrapped in a #20 foil plate.

She couldn’t swallow it. It was cold and tasteless.

He looked at her, came closer to kiss. She obliged him.

He licked her lips like a plate of soup. She was irritated. She withdrew. He jerked up immediately. Unbuttoned his trouser and landed on the bed.

She freaked out. “What are you doing”?

Relax na. We talked about this. Okay, maybe you are angry because of the gifts. Let me Bank in the money I promised you into your account now.

She was indifferent.

Phone beeped. She rushed it. #3,000. She was wowed.

She let out a shout. “My tummy. I feel a sharp pain”. He rushed to her. She wedged him. Please stand there. She was rolling on the bed.

She got up. “Let me buy medication from the chemist I saw on our way here”.

He offered to accompany. She refused and insisted. He waited for her.

She grabbed her small handbag. Walked calmly out of the room.

Downstairs, she took the available cab. Blocked and deleted the ready to marry man’s contact. Called her boyfriend and asked if he had eaten dinner…

The man at the hotel waited and called all he could but couldn’t reach her.

He went on Facebook but couldn’t find her account anymore.

What a world!!!

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