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Doctors, stop killing people.

In secondary school, we were always advised to always check for lumps in our breasts from time to time so as to detect any on time and avoid cancer.

We were also told to report any strange ball we detect in our breast to the hospital for proper medical checkups and treatment.

But they didn’t tell us that the breast is not just a ballon filled with water. They didn’t tell us that it naturally has some contents that is not in any way related to cancer.

In 2012, immediately after my secondary school, I noticed something in my breast.

To be on the safe side, I rushed to the hospital for medical checkups.

The doctor I met refereed me to the medical director after saying he can’t say for sure if that was lump or not…

Please note that this was a certified hospital. A federal medical centre. Situated in one of the biggest universities in Nigeria.

The medical director after touching, pushing and squeezing my breasts, told me I’ll be going in for a surgery on one of my breasts.

He confirmed that the small thing on my breast was a symptom of cancer.😭😭😭

I prepared for the surgery. My family was with me.

On the day of the surgery, the nurse assigned to me, a serious church woman, she kept on telling me the disadvantages of sex.

I didn’t understand what she was saying.

I was tensed up about the surgery. I dint know what to expect.

It was later she said “the cause of this your lump is contraceptives. Why would you be having sex at this age and be taking contraceptives? Stop having sex so that you won’t be taking contraceptives”🙄🙄

She kept ranting inside the theatre as we waited for the medical director to arrive.

At a point I closed my eyes like I was sleeping and from time to time, she would tap me to make sure I was listening to her.😏

Oh my God.

I didn’t respond to her. I didn’t even know what contraceptives were as of then. I was still a virgin for Christ’s sake.

The surgery was successful.

They referred us to orthopaedic Enugu to determine the stage of the cancer. The hospital lab didn’t have the equipment to do that.

Do you know, when the results came out, it confirmed the stuff removed from my breast to be an ordinary flesh growing in my breast.

When I returned the result to the medical director, he was like “ we have been asking the government to give us equipments to run these kind of tests but they are yet to do anything…”

“But thank God it’s just a normal flesh. It could have been a symptom of cancer.”☹️

This man was saying these things after slicing my breast for something he didn’t even verify.

A medical director that does surgeries based on guess work, what will his subordinates do?

Please if you have anything to do with the human body and you know very you didn’t learn well, please quit.

I read an article on how a doctor forgot to remove the placenta from a woman after she was delivered of a baby and it killed her. Like how does someone become so careless?

If you are a medical practitioner, please have conscience and do your job well. If you can’t, please resign.

This life is just one and there is no spare.

I still have many more to write. This is the first one.

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