My ‘Aku’ Experience

Yesterday night, something happened. 😁😁 There’s this thing that flies around during rainy season. It comes out from time to time and it’s usually attracted by light. In my place we call it “Aku.” It’s known as Winged termites in English. Yesterday, my outside light was on. At a point I noticed that aku was everywhere. […]

Marriage Stories

The Womb watcher

Dear Womb watcher, There’s something I need you to understand. People get married for so many reasons. Some do to just for the sole sake of procreations. Others do just to have sex whenever they wanted without having any feelings of guilt. Some do because their mates are doing so. Some others do because family […]


Did Teni the entertainer lie to us?

Did Teni the entertainer lie to us? wuzupnigeria ‘But my papa no be Dangote or Adeleke, but we go dey ok yea yea ….I go call M.C Oluomo’ -Teni the entertainer, Case The lines above are the most well known from Teni the entertainer’s hit song, Case. She insinuates, that even if you don’t have […]


8 Things I Wish My Mother Would’ve Told Me About Sex

8 Things I Wish My Mother Would’ve Told Me About Sex (Preferably BEFORE losing my virginity) Photo by Imani Clovis on Unsplash “Thanks for that sex talk mom, I learned a lot of useful, applicable information!” –Nobody, Ever I never really had “the talk” with my mom. I don’t blame my mom for her lack of sexual education — in fact, my teenage […]

Marriage Relationship

The Mindset Happy Couples Have In Common

How you think can impact your relationship satisfaction Inan eye-opening study, a trio of family and relationship psychologists investigated 130 couples in their second year of marriage. 18 months later, they collected further data from these couples. The psychologists found that a significant factor in determining the couple’s relationship satisfaction over time was something called an attribution […]