Bitter Sex

After my presentation on “Gender Equality and Girl child education” in a mixed sex secondary school yesterday, a female student ran to me. She looked all pretty but somehow very distant and scared. She introduced herself, said she had something to tell me and broke down immediately.

I took her to my car. Her whole body was vibrating. I held her hands, drew her closer and assured her everything will be fine. I gave her time to cry off her pain.

She started her story…

“Since we lost our parents five years ago, my elder sister and I have been fighting every kind of battle to survive. She had to quit school to learn a skill and insisted I continued schooling. She owns a salon now and that’s how we have been surviving.

Some weeks back, I was sent out of school because I was yet to pay my West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE) fee. My sister had promised to give me the money two days before the deadline but she fell ill and was unable to attend to customers.

…that day, she couldn’t do anything to help me because of her illness. We decided that I go back to school and plead with the principal to give me a little more time but the principal refused. She said she was just doing her job and can’t risk it for anything or anyone.

I left school in tears. On my way home, a barber called me. He inquired why I was crying. I told him and he obliged to help. I was filled with excitement but he cut it with “on one condition” he said he will have sex with me everyday for one week. At first, it sounded like a joke. But it wasn’t. I wished everything was a dream, but it wasn’t.

I pleaded with him while giving reasons that I have not had sex before but he said “the fresher, the sweeter…”

He asked me out of his shop if I was not interested.

As I was moving out of the shop, he brought out the money, kept it on the table and said. “Money and school or your useless virginity?” I sat outside his shop crying and hoping he changes his mind but he didn’t then I gave in…

He gave me the money and asked me to stand naked before him so he could see what he was getting into. That afternoon, inside that shop, he had sex with me three times. The pain was unbearable. I still had to go back to school to register for my examination as that was the last day.

I walked legs apart with swollen eyes into the school, paid the fee and went home. I told my sister I missed my step and fell inside the gutter. As she was very ill, she couldn’t further the argument. The barber swore to kill me if I miss any of the sessions or mention to anyone what was going on.

I kept going back till the contract expired. Since then, I always have this feeling like my vagina will fall off each time I opened my legs to walk. He said he must carry out his own part of the contract to the latter despite seeing the kind of pain I go through before and after penetration. And he did.

It’s been weeks back but my body has not felt like mine ever since. I only pretend to walk perfectly so that the staff and my fellow students will not suspect a thing.

I have stopped wearing pants. Each time I try to, it feels like I’m tying pins round my body.

Please help me. This pain has refused to go. It keeps increasing by the day. I think I’m going to die…

By the time she finished, my eyes were red and swollen. I hugged her. My whole body was in pain. I couldn’t look at her.

I started my ignition and drove her home. She had her bath, ate and slept off. I called a military friend of mine to follow me to the guys barring salon.

Just to get down from the car, I hit my head real hard against the car and boom,…

…I woke up. Oh God!!! It was all a dream.

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