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The truth about Jealousy

Have you heard people say jealousy is a sign of insecurity and low self esteem.

Have you also heard others say jealousy is a measure of love?

Whatever be your own view, jealousy can mean so many things depending on how it’s being exhibited.

When someone is actually in love with someone, jealousy is less frequent and less severe.

This doesn’t mean you won’t get jealous, it’s natural to get jealous but the more you love someone, the more you can release her/him.

Release is an expression of trust, respect and acceptance. Some people assume the more jealous you are, the more you love your sweetheart. Nah

I have heard a woman say “my husband loves me so much, he can’t even stand another man look at me. Whenever I look at another man, he is filled with rage and won’t speak to me for hours”.

This’s not good. This’s because, one day, such rage could transform into physical violence and abuse.

This kind of jealousy can frustrate a relationship and wreck it.

You want to build a fence around your spouse and keep him/her only to yourself?

You are being selfish and possessive. Your concern is with what you want and not what your partner needs.

Why’re you always afraid he or she might give attention or enjoy the company of another other than yourself?

Some people don’t want their partners to be seen around anyone no matter the sex. He/she must be with you 24/7.

I know men who forced their wife’s to quit their jobs simply because he feels the boss/male colleagues might develop interest in his wife. Mere thoughts. These same men will turn around and do what they want and scream it to you “I’m a man”!!!

This kind of jealousy is selfish. You are only taking from your relationship and not ready to release the other person to do freely, what he/she enjoys.

Invariably you are saying “I want you to be happy, but only if you do that which makes me happy. My happiness comes first not yours; this is obviously not a sign of love but “obsession or infatuation”.


Did you also know? there are people who derive joy by making their partners jealous.

They purposely trigger things and watch from behind the scene to see if you will get jealous or not.

Anybody who derives pleasure in his or her spouse jealousy is obviously not in love with the person.

That kind of pressure tactic is selfish. When you are in love, all you care about is making the person happy. Not to purposely hurt the person.

When you are truly in love with someone, you won’t restrain them from talking with other people if that’s what they want to do, even though you might prefer that they talk to only you all the time.

Instead of getting so jealous and endangering your relationship, why not talk to your partner about what he/she does that makes you jealous and you too can mutually decide on what to do to resolve that.

Love does not restrict but release, it does not imprison but liberate.

Jealousy is not a good sign, it’s a danger signal, it does not cement a love relationship but breaks it apart.

The more jealousy, the less chances a relationship surviving as it should.

Grow your love and build your trust. Confidence will also follow.

Learn to avoid the things that displease each other. With that, jealousy comes less frequent and less severe and before you know it, it may disappear.

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