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My Wedding Anniversary: The Marriage Journey So Far

Just like yesterday, we’re already six months. Let me bring you into what it has been like being married. I’m pretty much excited about it and I want you to follow me into the journey. … I find marriage very fascinating. I mean, there’s always someone there for you. To have someone I can totally […]


My ‘Aku’ Experience

Yesterday night, something happened. 😁😁 There’s this thing that flies around during rainy season. It comes out from time to time and it’s usually attracted by light. In my place we call it “Aku.” It’s known as Winged termites in English. Yesterday, my outside light was on. At a point I noticed that aku was everywhere. […]

The Womb watcher

Growing up in an African home


This Funny Impressions of some people will blow your mind

Many times, first impression and second impression are always opposite. So let’s go on a journey of imagination as to how people perceive others on first meetings. You are seeing someone on tv for the first time and you get the impression of a snobbish somebody whereas the case is opposite. “”The guy just dey look […]

I Was My Husband’s Target

Did Teni the entertainer lie to us?